Get Great Sound In YOUR Wedding Film

A Captivating Wedding produces an amazing wedding film, but you have to ask your videographer the right questions. One thing that's often overlooked is audio. Most of us don't really think about audio until it sounds bad. When it's bad, boy do we notice it then! Poor audio picks up noise from the room and from inside the audio.

What can you do to make sure you're getting great sound in your wedding film? Talk to your videographer to make sure they're using on-person sound recording, such as a lavalier mic. The lav mic should be hooked up to the groom's lapel, pointed to the right.

If a sound system is being used, the videographer should record the sound feed as a backup, but it's too unreliable to be used as a primary audio source. Mics mounted on the camera are great for recording what's right in front of them, but are never OK for getting the words spoken during the ceremony, vows, and those precious "I do's."

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