Wedding Colors That Look GREAT In Video and Photos


Traditionally, weddings have always featured white for the bride and black for the groom. This make sense as these are bold  colors that help the couple stand out from the crowd. While this looks great for our eyes, it can be troublesome for the camera. A camera is not nearly as good as the human eye at seeing something really bright and something really dark next to each other at the same time. Either the white dress may appear too bright, or the black tux may appear too dark.

Also, try to avoid really bright colors, like hot pink, hot green, yellow or orange. If it looks like a good highlighter color, it's probably not a good wedding color.


What should you use? Consider pastels, earth tones, muted colors, and natural tones, including cool blues. These types of colors are starting to make their way into today's wedding fashion. Check out the latest trends in magazines and web sites and you'll find these alternate color schemes appearing more and more. The reason? It looks good on camera!

With this in mind, how can you choose wedding colors that are right for you? Start by doing a quick Google search for a color wheel. Then consider two options: (1) Complimentary colors, which are exactly opposite of each other on the color wheel, like orange and teal, or (2) Analogous colors, which are right next to each other, like blue and green. But again, choose the muted versions of these colors, not the highlighter versions.

If you still want to go with white and black, consider making one of them less extreme, like an off-white dress for the bride, or a charcoal suit for the groom. Choosing your wedding colors 

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