3 Easy Steps to Choose a 3-Color Scheme For Your Wedding

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Would you like wedding colors that look amazing together? I'll show you how in three easy steps. A carefully planned wedding color scheme will make your wedding looking amazing in video and photos forever!

I posted a video about choosing wedding colors that look great in video and photos. In it, I discuss how to select the right tones and avoid over-contrast. You can check that video out here. Let's take this idea a little farther and choose a 3-color scheme that perfectly fits your style.

Step 1: Choose the main color

First, find a color wheel, such as the one below on this page, and identify your top choice for a color. Remember to stick with somewhat muted or earth tones as those look the best on camera. For example, burgundy is a nice, rich earth tone.

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Step 2: Choose a monochromatic shade

Stay on the same wedge of the color wheel and move about two or three steps lighter or darker. This will give you a color that is the same hue and tone, but a lighter or darker shade. For example, from burgundy, move in three steps to get a rosy pink.

The two colors chosen so far make a monochromatic pair, meaning they are two shades of the same color.

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Step 3: Choose a complimentary color

Move across the color wheel to the opposite side and choose a shade from that wedge. You'll get best results by choosing a shade that is between the two colors of the monochromatic pair, but on the opposite side. In other words, this third color should not be quite as dark as your darkest shade, or as light as your lightest shade.

For example, from the red wedge, we move across to the green, and choose a shade somewhere in the middle of that wedge, such as a sea green. You can also choose to make the third color more muted, or more saturated, as necessary.

3 color scheme step 3.png
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That's it! A beautiful 3-color scheme for a Captivating Wedding! The possibilities are endless. Give it a try and, if you find a scheme you love, feel free to post it in the comments below.

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