6 Ways To Choose Your Wedding Dress With Less Hassle


Picking the wedding dress of your dreams can be a real headache. Here are six tips from wedding pros and brides that will help take the hassle out of picking your dress.


1. Carefully plan the style of your wedding first. This way, your dress will be the centerpiece of your overall beautiful wedding vision.

2. Take advantage of Pinterest. Yes, there are millions of wedding dresses on Pinterest, but pick some favorites and pin them to a private board. This will help you get an idea of what sort of styles you really prefer.


3. Shop at boutiques that have real dresses to try on, not just pictures. A dress may look one way in a picture and totally different on you!

4. Forget reality TV -- you don't need twenty friends to go shopping with you. You DO need one honest friend who can tell you truthfully if something just isn't working.

5. Narrow your search based on three important criteria: silhouette, color and top. The silhouette is the most important thing about your dress. No amount of beautiful beads and lace will make up for a dress shape that just doesn't fit you. There are many colors to choose from besides pure white, so pick the shade that compliments your skin tone. (Check out my blog on Wedding Colors That Perfectly Compliment Your Skin Tone.) And the top of the dress is the most important part because it will be seen in all of your wedding photos and video.

6. Finally, don't forget about comfort! If you don't feel good about the dress now, you're not going to feel good about it after you've been wearing it for 6 hours. Pick a dress that feels great in the store, and you'll love it on your wedding day!

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