The video and audio are high definition, but the focus is on you.

 The Canon EOS 80D films in sharp 1080p.

The Canon EOS 80D films in sharp 1080p.

Incredible Video

Your wedding film should get noticed. Your wedding filmmaker should not. The latest DSLR cameras used at Captiv8 produce amazing HD footage, beautiful depth of field, and stunning cinematic imagery.

Yet, the camera is small and low-profile enough that a guest could easily mistake me for a photo-savvy friend with a nice camera. Each piece of filmmaking gear - tripod, steadycam, slider, etc. - has been carefully chosen to create a beautiful film without getting in the way.

Stellar Audio

Your wedding film should sound as wonderful as it looks. Great sound is just as important as great video. If you've ever watched a video with poor quality audio, you understand this truth. Captiv8 uses multiple high-quality audio devices to get every word of your ceremony, vows, toasts, and speeches, as well as the atmosphere of the room.

Like the video gear, the audio devices are so small and invisible, your guests won't notice them and they won't stand out in your wedding film.