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Hi, my name is Carl, and I would love to make an amazing wedding film for you. Come with me on a tour of Captiv8 Wedding Films and find out how I can help make your big day a huge success. Let's go >>

What value does a professional wedding videographer bring you? Great question. Consider this...

Remember It

Your wedding day only happens once, but the moments can be captured forever. Family. Friends. What he was up to that morning. Now you can be there.

Show It

A premium wedding film is more than just a video, it is an experience to be shared. Amaze your friends and family with the beauty and style of your wedding and leave them speechless. They will love it!

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Peace of Mind

If you are like most brides, you want your wedding to be as stress-free as possible. Take confidence in knowing you have a licensed, insured and experienced professional who you can rely on.


Now, what is my unique approach your wedding film? Read on >>

Your Story

It's more than just highlights. It's the story of you and what you mean to each other. Captiv8's one-of-a-kind storytelling will capture the personality, as well as the events, of your big day.

Your Style

You are unique. Your wedding day is unique. Your wedding film should be like no other. You deserve a film with a story and style that is unique as you are.

What can I offer you that you won't find everywhere? Continue >>

The 'First Look' is an a-la-carte offering.

Your Choice

You can make the package that's exactly right for you. That's because all of my offerings are a-la-carte. That gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you desire.

  • How long is your film? You decide!
  • What will we capture? It's your choice!

Walk the Red Carpet

Captiv8 offers the Full Hollywood Experience for your wedding film. Choose any of these cinematic options:

Save-the-Date Teaser video to share on social media.
Theatrical Poster of you in your favorite movie. See the samples >>
Love Story film to share or played at your reception.
Behind the Scenes: Bonus footage of your rehearsal and preparations.
Movie Trailer released afterward in anticipation of your film.
Concept Film: A cinematic story in which you play the starring roles of a custom script of your choosing, for a wedding promotion like no other!

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